Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Test Smartwatch[2023 Edition]

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Version:  Standard(Only Watch)

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Main Functions 

  • Electrocardiogram(ECG) Testing
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Heart Rate(HRV) Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Body Surface Temperature Measurement
  • PRO ECG Chest Patch/Chest Strap Monitoring
  • Multi-workout Modes
  • Long Battery Life

The core team is composed of experts in the fields of medicine, health, software, etc.With extensive experience in blood fluid mechanics, neural network algorithm and system software development, product development, and wearable medical manufacturing.

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HD Large Screen Display For Clearer Picture

Using a 1.39-inch high-definition dazzling screen, 360px * 360px gives you a clearer and more realistic viewing experience.

The mirror surface is made of new tempered glass, which is scratch and wear-resistant and gives the user a unique and smooth operating experience.

Exquisite Craftsmanship, All in One

The borderless design concept, with a large 1.39" HD touch screen covered by 3D glass and a natural transition to the carefully polished watch body, provides a great sense of design and a wider field of view.

4 Wearing Styles, Meet Professional Needs

4 ECG testing methods: handheld, heart rate band, bracelet monitoring, and chest patch monitoring. Comprehensive and more accurate!

01. In ECG test mode, press and hold the "ECG" button on the watch (or click "Start Test" on the app) to start the measurement.

02. Remove and snap the watch strap onto the ECG holder. Heart rate and ECG waveform monitoring can be started in PTT mode.

03. Wear the ECG stand on the chest through the heart rate belt, and the heart rate and ECG waveform can be detected in PTT mode.

04. Paste the ECG stand on the chest through the chest sticker, and the heart rate and ECG waveform can be detected in PTT mode.

The New Generation GR5515 Chip, with more computing power and floating point technology, has faster running speed, solves complex algorithm scenarios, and produces more accurate reports!

Using the new generation of flagship sensor chips, it has more than 50% faster processing speed than the old ECG chip, longer life, higher sensitivity, and more accurate monitoring.

Innovative Electrode ECG testing

Based on intelligent pulse wave technology and Cardiac Telecom Capture Technology, through the ECG measurement principle, the heart bioelectrical signal is collected, and the ECG data can be viewed within the 30s.

Accurately capture cardiac electrical signals
AI analyzes 13 heart abnormal signals

Real-time tracking of your health status through built-in sensors, AI analysis of 13 kinds of abnormal ECG signals, draw ECG and support ECG waveform playback. Generate health reports and provide intuitive and accurate ECG analysis reports helping prevent potential health risks and keep you fully aware of your heart.

Lorenz Scatter Plot Analysis Report
HRV Heart Health Index Analysis

In the mobile phone Hband APP, there are HRV heart health index analyses and Lorentz scatter diagram analysis reports, which can intuitively see the law of heartbeat and make intuitive judgments on arrhythmia.

Wearing Guide

To accurately measure your heart rate, you need to wear the heart rate strap/chest patch snugly on the upper/lower chest

Continuous Body Temperature Monitoring

The built-in thermometer sensor can continuously monitor body temperature and skin temperature, and form a body temperature change report. Track your physical status so you can feel safe and secure every day when you are away from home.

Intelligent Heart Rate Monitoring
Autonomous Heart Health Management

Adopt high-performance heart rate sensors, integrate ECG+PPG technology, automatically generate heart rate data every half an hour, intelligently identify abnormal heart rate and other situations, and provide personalized guidance!

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Intelligent pulse wave technology, 30s blood pressure measurement measurement
24-hour blood pressure health monitoring, recording blood pressure changes, understanding blood pressure status, synchronizing APP, feedback more detailed data, and always paying attention to health.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Detection

With the newly upgraded red infrared light sensor to measure your blood oxygen saturation
When you are working for a long time, you can measure the blood oxygen value in time to grasp your health status.

Sleep Monitoring

From 0-7 A.M., heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring are used to analyze changes in heart load and sleep breathing rate to determine whether there is a risk of sleep apnea. Low blood oxygen will vibrate to remind the owner; This function is very practical for people with respiratory problems, apnea patients, and snorers~

Raise your hand to check the information

The watch vibrates to alert you when your phone calls or you receive a message, so you never miss an important message again. You can check messages by lifting your wrist. You can also reject and answer incoming calls.

Scientific Exercise Instruction

An accurate pedometer can save real-time maps, heart rate, steps, mileage, exercise distance, and calories, with the phone to record the running track.

Whether it's running, cycling, or playing ball, there are matching sports modes that record your movements so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Customized dials

A large number of dials are constantly being updated online, with support for customized dials, giving you more options to match your watch.

30-day long battery life
No more charging every day

280 mAh large power, ultra-low power consumption AI algorithm, say goodbye to power anxiety, use more portable magnetic charging, safe and stable.

IP68 deep waterproof

You can wear the watch for activities of daily living, washing your hands, and face, showering in the rain, etc.
*Note: Do not use hot water scenarios such as saunas and showers.

Convenience Features

Find more portable functions such as find mobile phone, event reminder, shake to the photo, smart alarm clock, sedentary reminder, countdown, etc.,
waiting for you to explore


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